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Angela Gagauf
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“Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, with the way we live.”
— Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was right.

Fashion does impact home décor. It continuously influences the styles and trends we incorporate into our homes. Perhaps that is why so many people who started their careers in the fashion industry naturally transitioned into various aspects of interior design.  I enjoyed a wonderful career in ladies apparel and am now fortunate to have been able to take those skills and apply them to interior decorating and home staging. I continue to work with fabrics, patterns and colors but instead of adorning female bodies, I’m adorning homes.

I started my 20-year fashion career as a sportswear buyer.  But I found I loved the creative side of the business so after 14 years in buying, I transitioned to Director of Product Development for a new womens wear division and then to Vice President of Merchandising for a private label company. In both positions, I shopped high-end stores in the United States and Europe for the latest fashion trends in order to translate them into affordable clothing for “middle” America. Imagine buying a blouse in Paris for $300 and translating that look and trend into a blouse retailing for $20! That takes resourcefulness, creativity and talent. Today this experience strongly influences my interior decorating and staging philosophy.

Every home is special to someone, and I believe everyone’s home can be beautiful, regardless of the size or price. I’ve proven that making a home special and attractive can be done without having to pay for high end interior design services.  My decorating philosophy is to first work with what the client already owns and loves. Through the use of traditional design principles and creativity, I’m able to create spaces my clients enjoy with the things they truly treasure. And when they’re ready, I help them supplement with new purchases within their budget.

My staging philosophy is very similar. I believe in merchandising the property as economically as possible. I always begin with what the sellers currently own, and only when necessary, supplement with rental furnishings.  It’s very easy to make a house look fabulous when you’re renting high-end furniture and accessories but it takes talent to do it successfully on a limited budget. Our statistics speak for themselves. Most of our staged homes have gone under contract within 2 weeks of the listing date. I believe it’s important to recognize the type of staging a home needs to get it sold and to understand that all homes don’t need “over the top” staging. Sometimes a modest staging effort will do the trick.

Decorating and staging shouldn’t be intimidating. If you want to be part of the process, I’ll teach you as we work together to create your new space. If you’re a “hands off“ person, I’ll do it all for you.

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