8 Paint Colors That Will Help Your Listings Look Great and Sell Fast!

By June 30, 2011Home Staging

When I’m about to walk into a new client’s home for a staging consultation, I’m filled with anticipation. I know I’m going to help them better merchandise their home for the market with my staging techniques and that makes me feel great! But sometimes my bubble is burst when the first words I hear from my client are, “we just finished painting our home” (and this is frequently said with a sense of pride and accomplishment). “Oh no,” I think but I don’t say.

Often the “colors” they’ve chosen are white or Navajo white or Atrium white. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for these whites, especially in a contemporary home. But, a home looks so much better when photographed if the walls are painted a neutral color. I’ve also walked into homes with rooms that were just painted bright yellow or turquoise or red or lime green! See what I mean? And of course, since the client just spent the money to paint, they’re not about to change the colors.

So, I’ve decided to spill the paint and share my top 8 Benjamin Moore staging colors in the hope mistakes are avoided. Obviously, not all of these colors will work in every home but hopefully my list will get you thinking outside of the white box. And if your clients need help selecting colors, I’m only a consultation away.

• Mannequin Cream 2152-60

• Philadelphia Cream HC-30

• Manchester Tan HC-81

• Shaker Beige HC-45

• Alpaca 1074

• Mellowed Ivory 2149-50

• Seattle Gray 2130-70

• Healing Aloe 1562

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