Eight Great Grays to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar

By September 28, 2016Home Staging

It was a busy summer keeping up with home staging and decorating clients, teaching a Realtor® CE class on staging, and volunteering on various committees for NCJAR* and PCBOR*. Now we’re into fall and I’m bursting with ideas to help make homes look great and sell quickly. This month, I’m sharing my favorite colors in the hottest neutral range for both staging and decorating: gray. They’ve proven to be a big hit with many of my clients.

What’s the difference between a trend and a fad? At least ten years. If you’ve been loving the gray interiors on “House of Cards” and in your favorite home decorating magazines, the good news is that versatile and elegant gray is a decorating trend that continues to be red hot.

Here are my top eight Sherwin Williams gray colors for staging:

1) 6071 Popular Gray – LRV 62
2) 6169 Sedate Gray – LRV 62
3) 6183 Conservative Gray – LRV 64
4) 7015 Repose Gray – LRV 60
5) 7029 Agreeable Gray – LRV 62
6) 7043 Worldly Gray – LRV 58
7) 7050 Useful Gray – LRV 59
8) 7057 Silver Strand – LRV 59


It’s important to note that not all neutrals are created equal and that includes grays, which can span the spectrum from cool to warm. And what’s great is that warm grays can easily replace dated-looking beiges and tans from the last color trend. As you decide which color to use, keep in mind that not all colors work in all situations. Use these as a guide, but carefully consider undertones when making your choices.


For a more in-depth look at grays and their different undertones, read my blog post “50 Shades of Gray … oh my!,” which was written when gray was first emerging as a trendy new neutral.

So What Does “LRV” Mean?

If you’re wondering what a color’s LRV number stands for, it’s Light Reflectance Value, which is how much light a paint color reflects or absorbs. This is important because light plays such a critical role in wall color selections. The LRV Scale goes from 0-100. An LRV of 0-50 absorbs light and rooms will show medium to dark. An LRV of 51-100 reflects light, and rooms will appear medium to light, depending on the scale.

I usually select colors with an LRV of 60 and above, which give rooms a bright and fresh appearance. You can find the LRV number on the back of the Sherwin Williams paint strip underneath the color number.

How Color Influences Purchases

So, why should you be concerned with paint colors when selling a property? It’s because a house for sale is a product. And marketers have long recognized the importance of color in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Accordingly, it’s essential to select just the right colors when preparing a house for sale.

In fact, a study conducted by Emerald Insights, an independent research firm, revealed that people make up their minds within 90 seconds of viewing a product and that 62-90% of their assessment is based on color alone. This confirms that color can be a decisive factor in the decision to buy and should be a key part of the marketing mix.

Staging and decorating are different (click here to see how). Clients often wonder, “Why should I change my paint colors? What if buyers don’t like the colors I’ve chosen?” That’s why a professional stager can advise on current decorating trends and recommend colors that will look great in person and in photographs.

If you don’t feel comfortable stepping into grays, LRVs or undertones, call or email me to schedule a consultation. For more trend news and decorating ideas, connect with me on Facebook and follow my Pinterest boards.

You won’t want to miss my next newsletter on my top Benjamin Moore staging colors, which will cover grays and more.

*NCJAR-North Central Jersey Association of Realtors

*PCBOR-Passaic County Board of Realtors

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