Our extensive experience with homes of all styles and sizes, combined with our understanding of the latest real estate trends, make us the ideal resource to help your home stand out from the competition and attract as many buyers as possible. We specialize in utilizing our clients’ current furniture and accessories, avoiding costly rentals and installations. This saves both time and money.

We have established a reputation for helping home owners sell their homes faster and for top dollar. From condominium apartments to mid-market and multi-million dollar homes, all of these properties have benefited from our staging services.

home-staging-page-picBenefits of Home Staging

  • You will sell your home faster and for more money
  • Your home will appeal to the largest number of potential buyers
  • Staging allows your home to stand out from the competition
  • Staged and furnished homes sell much more quickly than those that are empty
  • The cost of home staging is significantly less than an initial price reduction

Home Staging Services

  • Staging Consultation:  This is a 2-hour in-home evaluation on how you can maximize your home’s sale potential.  You’ll be provided with a written instructional staging report that’s perfect for Do-It-Yourself home sellers.
  • Occupied Home Staging:  When you need help with your staging we’ll use your existing furnishings and accessories to transform your home so that it appeals to as many buyers as possible.