The Difference Between Staging and Decorating

People often ask me: What’s the difference between staging and decorating? The simple answer is that each activity has a distinctly different goal, and we work in different ways to achieve our desired outcomes.

I thought it might be easiest to explain the difference between staging and decorating by offering a side-by-side comparison of the goals, processes, tools and results. If you’d like to learn more about staging or decorating, please feel free to reach out to me at


Staging Decorating
Goal To sell your home quickly and for the best price possible To make your home more comfortable and beautiful for you to enjoy.
Process Includes:·         Making a list of activities that must occur before home is listed, including decluttering, painting and repairs·         Completing the work (painting, repairs, etc.) to prepare for sale·         Arranging furniture and objects within the house to accentuate the positive downplay (but not hide) the negative Includes:·         Discussing how you want to use the space within your home·         Assessing what you already own and determining if it meets your needs·         Rearranging furniture and objects to better suit your lifestyle

·         Developing a list of furniture and accessories (including rugs and lighting) to supplement what you already own

Tools Used Your furniture, objects and art along with rented pieces (optional) to supplement/accentuate your belongings and living spaces. The furniture and accessories you love – supplemented with some affordable, complementary pieces.
Results/Value ·         A more beautiful home that attracts the most potential buyers·         Fewer days on market·         A higher selling price·         Outshine the non-staged competition ·         A more beautiful home that you can enjoy for years to come·         Cost savings over using a traditional interior designer, design center or a “free” service from a retailer (usually comes with the expectation of purchasing thousands of $$ of new furniture·         Finding new ways to use the items you already own and love

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